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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a helpful approach which I integrate when assessed as helpful in the treatment of trauma.

In my work worth clients with complex trauma and attachment difficulties care is taken to ensure 'stage 1' for trauma informed practice it's attained before using this approach (safety, resourcing and stabilising).

EMDR as an approach is approved by the National Institute for social care and clinical Excellence.

It can be effective in helping shift the symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences. These events are those in which a client feels stuck in that a element of a traumatic experience requires to be effectively Integrated.

Often clients use the anaology of a particular frame of the "movie" being stuck or a element of a traumatic experience intruding into there life and being suddenly back in Trauma time (triggered by a sight, smell, noise, feeling, location, taste etc).


There has been many positive controlled outcome studies have been done on EMDR.  Some of the studies show that 84%-90% of single-trauma victims no longer have post-traumatic stress disorder after appropriate treatment.

In another study, 77% of combat veterans were free of PTSD in 12 sessions.

EMDR the Approach

This approach can be also harnessed in complex trauma work whilst being aware of contraindications such as needing to effectively manage and treat dissociative symptomology to ensure clients can be grounded and regulated enough to benefit from the approach (assessment screening is undertaken to check for this).

EMDR therapy is an eight-phase treatment the aim being to reduce the subjective experiences of distress relating to the traumatic event.

Eye movements (or other bilateral stimulation) are used.  The approach is easily adapt for children and young people.


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