Psychotherapy for Attachment, Trauma and Dissociation

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Expert witness

I can be instructed to provide Expert witness or a professional opinion to provide evidence to court e.g. Family Court.

My expertise relates to areas relating to:

- Attachment,
- trauma
- dissociation
- Sexual Behaviour Problems
- Development of effective packages of care or therapeutic treatment

I am often requested to provide a child clinical assessment report which specifically answers the instructions set in a particular case to inform care proceedings such as providing evidence and subsequent opinion on:

•    An assessment of needs relating to a child or young persons emotional well-being,
•    What is the optimal care arrangements?
•    Contact arrangements
•    What form of therapeutic support would be helpful.

I have completed training to assist me in my court work which has helped inform me of areas specifically related to bring an expert witness. This was provided by Bond Salon and covered: report writing, giving evidence in court, family law etc.


The assessment process is a crucial part of the production of a report to be submitted to court.


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