Psychotherapy for Attachment, Trauma and Dissociation

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 Therapists who work with trauma and dissociative disorders can experience positive (learning) and negative experiences (burn out). My aim is to maximise the positive impacts on the clinician (psychotherapist, counsellor, psychologist, etc).  

I have provided supervision for clinicians working with presenting complex trauma and dissociative disorders for many years. This space is to ensure a safe and predictable experience of gaining support and guidance through the supervisory relationship. The model of supervision in itself is trauma and attachment informed in that a key focus is to ensure the risks of anxiety, therapist burn out and secondary trauma are reduced.

Learning through the supervisory process

A key parallel process to the treatment process of the client when navigating a 'therapeutic rollercoaster' of getting to a new place with the client, ultimately there is a process of growth and learning for the practitioner. Key areas I support with is:

  • Ensuring a state of self valuing as a practitioner 
  • Embracing self care and mitigating against secondary trauma
  • Ensuring the imparting of knowledge around working with trauma, attachment and dissociation

Normalising and grounding

Another key role I embrace as a supervisor is the need to be an effective 'container' for the emotional content which is brought up by working with complex and often distressing material. I normalise the experiences and then help the supervise effectively consider various elements which at times may need to be revisited such as returning to safety and stabilisation, looking at 'boundaries' within the therapeutic relationship, interventions being used or the stage of the therapeutic process etc.

This element requires an effective monitoring of the case load, excessive work pressures or external stressors. This seeks to enhance the 'reflective' practice and functioning of the clinician.


The normal schedule of supervision is Monthly for 90 mins (£80), however, for many trainee's I have provided weekly or fortnightly 60 mins of supervision (£55) for a period of time before moving to monthly.


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